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Supply Bin Update

Here's an update for anyone following along with the Supply Library idea I've had brewing for a while now...

Well, we made it to the very last round of funding through the Art is PHL grant along with 9 other super talented Philadelphians! I wrote a very wordy proposal about how great it would be for the craft coven to not only install 5 boxes around the city for use as Supply Library donation spots, but ALSO that the craft coven really needs its own space I made a budget, I wrote a timeline, I priced advertising costs, I researched equipment, I built pie charts and powerpoint presentations: and it's all in the hands of the panel now. I pleaded our case, and if all goes well we could be looking at a physical location in The Cherry Street Pier as early as February- again, if all goes our way! For now I've got some fun plans coming for the group including a much needed holiday party- save the date December 11 (more details to follow) So until January, keep your hopes high for the group!

P.S. It looks like the first box will be finished and delivered way ahead of time, as early as THIS WEEK!


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