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Mixed Media Mayhem Re-CAP

People shown at the Mixed Media Mayem event
Jaime to the left shown here emphasizing her creations. Cassie and class shown right mid book making.

The Craft Coven rang in the new year at Cherry Street Pier with our first art show of 2024: Mixed Media Mayhem by Jamie DeAngelis of The Teal Appeal. The event showcased collages featuring pet portraits, a holy squirrel, decorated wood rounds, journals, (among others), and also hosted a bookmaking workshop by Coven CEO Cassie Jones.

Over a dozen crafters joined in on the fun by learning how to make a book journal that combined Jamie and Cassie's expertise. Together they developed a style of binding that utilizes repurposed books as well as hints of traditional book binding. Craft Experience Organizer (CEO) Cassie led the workshop while being surrounded by the inspiration that is Jamie's artwork. The workshop started by breaking down old books, followed by creating folios from recycled paper to form a book block, and the group finished by sewing individual signatures (pages) into the book covers using a modern fabric based tape. These small journals are great for writing, sketching, or collaging in the wild.

The pillars of a good time were also in abundance: cheese, raucous laughter at innuendos, and friendships rooted in a shared love of creativity.

If you would like to participate in our next art show, submissions are open until 2/18 for the theme 'Eggy'. Some examples of the theme are fertility, shape, birth, spring, Mork, resurrection, life, and chickens to be interpreted loosely by the artist. This showcase will last for the entire month of March in Cherry Street Pier's first floor gallery. All are welcome to show regardless of artistic experience: APPLY HERE The opening coincides with Cherry Street Pier's first Artisans Market of the year, as well as a show of work by Cherry Street Pier staff members shown on the second floor balcony.

Check out all of our upcoming workshops at 

May the buds of your creativity bloom this Spring!

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