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Successful Marbling Evening

And we're off to a great start of 2023! Hosting the first ever of our monthly events with Upstairs at Abyssinia was a colorful success with a full house of 22 total attendees. We tested a basic method of paper marbling using tap water and oil colorants which made for some vibrant test sheets with lots and lots of color variations. We also each got to pull one or more sheets of paper through a thickened water mix using traditionally formulated marbling inks like those used in suminagashi techniques. More than just an evening of swirling colors, there was also the impressive cocktail and beer selection from the bar at the end of the hall. My personal fav of the evening goes by 'Joy Division' and fancies a unique mix of flavors including absinthe and a dry gin. Lovely atmosphere, talkative staff, and something creative to fill my evening- it really was an ideal West Philly night out. Check out some of the below content if you weren't lucky enough to join us- and mark your calendars for February 19th: same place, same time, new craft.

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