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Krystle and the Taming of Her Brainbees

Embarking into this new year while still healing from the tidal wave that was 2020 and what is still left lingering, I set out my notebook and pen and let my hand run wild. Sentence after sentence, a list appeared that took shape into my goals for this year. As others may relate, a longing for deeper connection and more meaningful use of the moments left before me, a repeated notion of creativity and community sprawled across the pages. An almost recalibration to bring me back to a time when freely creating was an everyday hobby.

Of course, there was also the typical ‘self-care’ rhetoric. Eat better, exercise more, repeat until death. However, this pang was not only another form of that, but it also burrowed even deeper. It was my soul requesting more nourishment. A fulfillment that could only be found outside of the grind. Away from the hustle and bustle a capitalistic society renders us to. Hobbies. Play. Joy.

This repeated soul sound - create more, take in more art, more group crafts, more activities outside of the bar - became my mission. While a parallel goal of wanting to be surrounded by equally more fulfilling humans held its hand.

Enter: The Craft Coven! For the past several months, I have gotten more involved with the coven, its events, and the incredibly talented instructors behind it all. The offerings through the coven have been astounding and are always community focused. A balance of wanting to offer as many resources and free opportunities as possible, as well as classes that do have a fee. All within reason.

And now, introducing open studio hours!! Need a place to sit and create? Get out of familiar places to dust the cobwebs and shake the brain bees? The Craft Coven’s studio, located at Cherry Street Pier on 121 N. Columbus Blvd, now has select days and times for open studio hours for anyone to come in, hang out and get creative. Bring a project, a sketchbook or even check out the donated supply section to work on something based on your findings. There are even craft specific days like this collab between Collage Philadelphia x Craft Coven. Surround yourself by incredible people in an atmosphere that offers endless inspiration!

Be sure to check out Coven Events for more info, as well as following Cassie’s Craft Coven on Instagram.

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