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First Chest Has Been Purchased!

Thanks to the Art is PHL grant awarding me with a $1,000 (yes, I still have to find info on paying taxes for this funding) I was able to purchase a brand new metal Supply Chest! I will now be waiting for the box to show up in the mail when I can decorate it and put it in it's new home. I have not yet chosen where this home will be but I'm excited to figure out all the specifics :-D The specifics I've decided on so far included buying a brand new box instead of acquiring an abandoned box from around the city. In doing a bit of research on how this box should be decorated for longevity, I found that any used or potentially damaged box may already have rust spots or wear and tear that would require time and money to assess. Because I want this box to be a destination as well as an appealing bit of street art, I thought it best to use the majority of the grant funding for purchasing a new box. When the box arrives I will create a plan for decorating and assembling the metal bin. I've been reading about the best ways to decorate metal with hopes of long lasting imagery. Two directions I've settled on are spray painting with aerosol cans, or using an airbrush and compressor to apply metal paints or enamels. While aerosol paint cans are the most ideal and direct way to achieve the look and long lasting images I'm hoping for, I really don't want to add more chemical and refuse pressure to our planet. So learning to use an airbrush machine is next on the list of to-do items for this project! Last item on the list for this project to come to life is choosing a location. Because the funding process for Art is PHL project is still ongoing, I want to wait on the location decision until I know how many boxes will be funded. If we are able to move forward with more boxes than this first one I will be sure to place one in each Philadelphia neighborhood. Regardless, I'm psyched that at least one Supply Chest will be installed before the new year!

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