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Drink and Draw with The Craft Coven

Every first Thursday, The Craft Coven hosts a life drawing session at Newbold Exchange with beer from sponsor Philadelphia Brewing Co. Each month, a model poses nude so we can learn how to sketch anatomy in real-time. People start to arrive around 7 p.m., and the session begins soon after. Artists have a variety of timed poses to learn from. The first poses are quick one minute warm ups, then five and 10 minutes, and after a break, we finish up with one 30-minute pose. You can see sample sketches @spdrinkanddraw

Artists can leave whenever they need, but the sessions normally last until 9:15. No previous experience with sketching is required to participate in these sessions. I remember feeling like I wasn’t good enough to be there at my first Sip & Draw after seeing the sketches of experienced artists. CEO (Craft Experience Organizer) Cassie told me, “Everyone has to start somewhere,” and that helped me believe I belonged. I had only sketched a few times before attending the Drink & Draw, and I can now see my improvement over the months. You can start from anywhere. Just give yourself the grace to grow.

Come join us at the next session This Thursday 10/5 at 7 p.m. $10 tickets include the cost of the model. These low-cost sessions also help pay for The Craft Coven’s studio at Cherry Street Pier where we host workshops and open studio hours. Check out all the other events we have planned through the Craft Coven Eventbrite. If you are not able to afford the ticket but would like to attend, please send a message to Cassie on Instagram. We normally can accommodate a few free tickets through the kindness of other artists who pay it forward by purchasing extras.

A fun fact about our sponsor Philadelphia Brewing Company is not only do they donate beer, but they also host the PA SPCA for kitten adoptions on each 3rd Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. Join them for the next Caturday on 9/21.

Newbold Exchange offers a free first session if you are interested in hosting group events there, and you can also pay for one of their coworking spaces.

Check out other Craft Coven events here and make time to create with friends.

Keep on Crafting, Witches!

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