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ARTis PHL Funding

We received funding! With a financial grant from ART is PHL we are able to move forward with buying, decorating, placing, and ultimately filling our first Supply Lybrary! Location is still TBD because there is so much interest in hosting a box that I feel bad not placing one for everyone. This first box will be a bit of an experiment to see how people interact with the SuppLybrary and gauge the level of use from the community. In staying on top of any maintenance of the box I will likely be placing it somewhere in West Philadelphia on or near Baltimore Ave and 50th Streets. This location is easily accessible by trolley, is surrounded by popular shops and restaurants, and is a close bike ride from my house so I know I can monitor it pretty frequently. I was originally concerned that if there was not a camera on the box at all times it would lead to vandalizing and misusing the box. Now that we have the funds to cover the cost of the box (almost $400) I am willing to put my trust in the same community that made that funding possible for this project. So wish us luck, and stay tuned for photos of the blank box when it arrives!

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